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Precision Targeting: AI Audience Segmentation Techniques for HubSpot

Segmentation is a key part of Marketing, proven to boost revenue by up to 760% (Campaign Monitor). To succeed, precise targeting is crucial. With thousands of Marketing messages bombarding people daily, a one-size-fits-all approach is outdated and can turn off customers.

  • Customers expect businesses to understand their needs.
  • Customers expect the right content at the right time and place.
  • Customers expect personalization.

That's where audience segmentation techniques for HubSpot comes in. By dividing your audience into groups, you can better meet their expectations. AI-powered tools take this a step further, helping you analyze and segment your database for more effective Email Marketing campaigns.


Audience Segmentation Techniques benefits

By understanding your audience's unique characteristics (age, location, culture), interests, and preferences, you can create content and email campaigns that speak directly to their challenges and needs.

It boosts understanding of customer challenges by 60% and knowledge of intentions by 130% (NotifyVisitors), leading to better engagement and conversion rates. This leads to more tailored and impactful content and faster progression down the funnel.

AI-based segmentation saves time and resources, optimizing HubSpot subscriptions and providing more accurate results.


Different methods to segment an audience

8 Traditional Audience Segmentation techniques used by Marketers:

  1. Demographic Segmentation
  2. Geographic Segmentation
  3. Psychographic Segmentation
  4. Technographic Segmentation
  5. Behavioral Segmentation
  6. Needs-Based Segmentation
  7. Value-Based Segmentation
  8. Firmographic Segmentation

While traditional methods such as buyer personas rely on market research and real data about existing customers, AI-driven techniques like predictive engagement analytics with Thalox offer a dynamic approach that evolves with each campaign undertaken.


Specific techniques for segmentation in HubSpot

HubSpot offers the basics of segmentation, but the duty often falls to marketers to analyze the database and configure the segmentation. There's three primary approaches to segmenting contacts in HubSpot:

  • Buyer Personas
  • Contact Lists
  • Lead Scoring

However, with the introduction of AI tools like Thalox, the era of AI-driven audience segmentation is here, offering marketers the opportunity to surpass all objectives and KPIs.

Would you like to learn more about audience segmentation techniques for HubSpot? Check out our white paper below!


The future of precision targeting with AI

AI-driven audience segmentation techniques offer marketers the opportunity to gain a competitive edge and truly solve persistent segmentation, personalization, and engagement challenges. AI-based audience segmentation techniques will become indispensable for any modern marketing team using HubSpot. Embracing the future of precision targeting with AI will undoubtedly lead to improved campaign optimization and higher conversion rates.

AI-based audience segmentation can save time and resources for Marketers, as it is a complex and in-depth task that requires analytical thinking and deep knowledge of database properties. Utilizing AI for segmentation allows Marketers to optimize their HubSpot subscription and get the most value out of their contact count.

Furthermore, AI-based segmentation provides a data-driven approach, reducing reliance on gut feelings and guesswork. Human Marketers often miss key components when dealing with large datasets, while AI can consider all relevant data points, leading to more accurate results, proposals, and decision-making. Overall, audience segmentation techniques are beneficial to Marketers as it allows for precision targeting, faster progression down the sales funnel, and the creation of more tailored and impactful content.

Want to improve your segmentation techniques?  Gain valuable insights and actionable strategies by downloading our white paper below. 



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