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OMB Digital and Thalox Partner to Transform Personalized Marketing

Elevating Personalized Marketing on HubSpot with AI: Thalox and OMB Digital Become Partners

Thalox enters into a strategic partnership with OMB Digital, a HubSpot Gold Partner and Inbound Marketing Agency. 

Personalization has become a holy grail for businesses seeking to connect with their customers on a deeper level. Yet, for a long time, achieving personalized communication at scale felt like a distant dream, especially when dealing with large customer databases. OMB Digital, a HubSpot Gold Partner, recognized the transformative potential of AI and has embarked on a strategic partnership with Thalox, an AI-driven tool for audience segmentation.

The collaboration between OMB Digital and Thalox marks a significant step forward in the field of personalized marketing. By integrating Thalox into HubSpot, OMB Digital can harness the full potential of audience segmentation and engagement. Unlike traditional methods reliant on guesswork, this partnership empowers businesses with data-driven insights, leading to demonstrable improvements in marketing campaigns.

Tom Spoor, CIO & Founder of OMB Digital, elaborates on the benefits of this partnership:

"Many of our clients rely on HubSpot as their platform for marketing and sales. By integrating Thalox into HubSpot, we can finally realise the full potential of audience segmentation and engagement. This is based on data-driven insights, not guesswork, which means a demonstrable improvement for marketing campaigns. And this gives us the opportunity to generate more sales for our clients, purely by using AI."


As a HubSpot partner, OMB Digital can leverage the sales potential that Thalox offers, by providing to their client’s expertise on email campaign management to bring inactive contacts to highly engaged and ready for sales. OMB Digital services will complement the results that thalox provides, to help their customers achieve better results in marketing and sales.

"As we embark on this exciting partnership with OMB Digital, our vision at Thalox is clear: to empower marketers to understand and engage their audiences like never before. It's not just about data; it's about making each customer interaction deeply personal and highly effective."


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About OMB Digital

Founded in 2020 as a specialized Inbound Marketing Agency, OMB Digital achieved the status of HubSpot Gold Partner in just three years. Their expertise spans Inbound Sales/CRM, strategy, content marketing, marketing automation, and telemarketing. OMB Digital's mission is to provide top-notch services by leveraging new technology to help clients achieve success in their marketing and sales objectives.



About Thalox

Thalox is an audience segmentation tool, certified by HubSpot, that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to predict future engagement with your contacts' email campaigns by analyzing their previous behavior and activities. This innovative tool automatically classifies contacts into three segments: 'High Engagers', 'Dormant Potential,' and 'Inactive or Indecisive', seamlessly integrating them into HubSpot lists.


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