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How to Create Progressive Profiling Forms in HubSpot

Imagine you're chatting with a new friend. You wouldn't ask a million questions all at once, right? It's the same with your audience—you want to get to know them, but not overwhelm them.

So, why not make it easy? Think of it as a gradual conversation where you learn more over time.

That's where progressive profiling forms in HubSpot come in handy. It helps you gather info bit by bit without bombarding anyone. And if you're wondering how to set it up, here's a simple guide to help you get started!


Progressive Profiling Forms in HubSpot

Unlike static fields that remain constant, progressive fields intelligently adjust, replacing familiar information with relevant new fields. This minimizes redundancy in data collection, fostering trust and engagement with your audience over time.

Before the implementation of progressive fields, it's important to note:

  1. Progressive fields only work with regular forms.

  2. Disable the "Always create contacts for new email address" option as it conflicts with them.

  3. Pre-populated fields are only seen in non-progressive form fields.

  4. To trigger a progressive field, the contact must not have had a value for it before.

  5. It's best not to make the Email field progressive.


Implementing progressive fields into your HubSpot forms

Adding Progressive Fields, according to HubSpot:

  1. Log into HubSpot, go to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms;
  2. Pick a form or make a new one, then in the form editor, find "Queued progressive fields" on the right;
  3. Move the fields you want to replace for contacts with known info.




Configuring Progressive Fields:

Select form fields that you want to make progressive, click the pencil icon and select progressive field options. Then pick the option 'replace with the queued progressive field'.

If multiple fields are in a row, the progressive field option will apply to all of them.



Testing Progressive Fields:

To make sure progressive fields work smoothly, go to Style & Preview, find Test, check "Queued progressive field," then save or publish your changes.


Using thalox to support your progressive profiling campaigns in HubSpot

thalox is an AI-powered tool for segmenting your audience. It categorizes them into three segments (based on the Thalox Engagement Score (TES)) and seamlessly integrates them into lists within HubSpot for your email campaigns.

  • High Engagers
  • Dormant Potential 
  • Inactive or Indecisive

Because of that, thalox can help you with progressive profiling in HubSpot forms in two main ways:

1. Knowing which data contributing to engagement is missing

thalox gives you a CSV file listing all the fields that influence the Thalox Engagement Score (TES), which built the three audience segments. This means that the tool provides you with insights about the main fields contributing to your contacts clicking on your next email marketing campaign.

It also shows you how much info is filled in each field. For example, only 1% of the "Job Title" field is filled in across all your contacts. Knowing this helps you fill in missing data to improve your results. As you collect more data, you'll engage your audience better.

2. Developing your contacts to higher engagers

There are several recommendations for each segment of contacts, with a focus on the ultimate goal of converting them into customers. Progressive Profiling is an essential technique to be used with your Dormant Potential list.
Because directing your marketing efforts toward this segment can elevate their engagement with your brand.
For instance, offering gated content to gather more information and develop their profile allows for better personalization in your communication, resulting in increased engagement, trust, and relationship-building with your contacts.
Over time, these contacts should transition from Dormant Potential to  High Engagers.  
Incorporating progressive fields into your forms in HubSpot optimizes user interactions, minimizes redundant data collection, and fosters a more personalized and efficient experience for your audience. thalox further aids in identifying points of improvement to cultivate a better-engaged audience.

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