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Progressive Profiling in HubSpot with thalox

Progressive Profiling in HubSpot with thalox

After creating your prediction, you have three segments available on thalox.

Learn how to push your segments into HubSpot!

Progressive Profiling

It is all about starting a conversation. Do you ask all the questions you want to ask about another person in your first meeting or first date? Probably not.

Sure – the more information you have about your audience, the better.

But you must be methodical about the way you ask for that information or you can risk a potential customer feeling flooded.

The goal is to create a flow of e-mails where you can ask more and more questions to your audience.

Helpful articles on how to enable HubSpot Forms to run progressive profiling within HubSpot. 


How could thalox help you with that?

The answer is quite simple. Based on our algorithm we identify the fields that are contributing to the Thalox Engagement Score (TES). 

1) To see the fields that are contributing to your model, go to your predictions tab and select your latest prediction.

Here you will see a tab which is called “Statistics”.


2) Once you are on the “Statistics tab”,  please click on the button “Download table as CSV file” and open the CSV file with Excel or Numbers.



3) Once the CSV file is open, please add a filter and select the field “ml_inclusion” with the value “true” as shown in the example:



All those fields presented in the CSV file contribute to your model and will influence the Thalox Engagement Score (TES). on which the three segments are built.

Our recommendation is to focus on those fields where the “null percentage” is high (nearly 100). The higher this value is, the more data is missing.

In our example, we would try to get results for the “Field Name 190” or “Field Name 270”, for example. Typically, those fields are Job Titles or Job Roles.

Over time you could enrich your data and get a better-engaged audience.