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Prediction refers to the output of an algorithm after it has been trained on a historical dataset and applied to new data when forecasting the likelihood of a particular outcome. Within thalox this is the likeliness of clicking for the next campaign or e-mail.


Thalox Engagement Score

Thalox Engagement Score (TES – abbreviation) is a value between 0,00 to 1,00 which indicates the probability of a contact reacting in your next campaign based on your last prediction.

The higher this value is the more likely it is for a contact to react.


Thalox Engagement Segments

thalox provides four segments, based on the Thalox Engagement Score (TES):

  • Dormant Potential
  • High Engagers
  • Inactive or Indecisive
  • No Activity

Inactive or Indecisive is created based on a TES between 0,00 and 0,50.

Dormant Potential is created based on a TES between 0,50 and 0,75.

High Engagers is created based on a TES between 0,75 and 1,00.

Those thresholds are set based on our experience but could be easily adjusted by the customer.


Dormant Potential

Put your marketing focus on this segment and make these contacts high engagers with your brand. Over time these contacts should evolve from the Dormant Potential to High Engagers.

Recommended actions to handle this segment:
– A/B testing​
– Progressive profiling​
– Polls/Surveys


High Engagers

The contacts in this segment are very engaged with your brand and will likely engage with your e-mail marketing initiatives. Those segments could be used to test out new messaging.

Recommended actions to handle this segment:
– You are doing great – continue with what you are doing!​
– Loyalty/Reward program​


Inactive or Indecisive

The contacts in this segment are either inactive or indecisive about whether they want to interact with your brand or not.

Our recommendation is to have a closer look into the contacts of this segment and think about maybe deleting some of them. Over time you should develop contacts from the Inactive or Indecisive to Dormant Potential.

Recommended actions to handle this segment:
– Data cleansing
– (Re)-engagement programs​


No Activity

The contacts in this segment do not have any marketing activity. Push this segment and start engaging with them.