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How to run A/B testing in HubSpot with thalox?

How to run A/B testing in HubSpot with thalox for marketers?


After creating your prediction, you have three segments available on thalox.

Learn how to push your segments into HubSpot.

You can start thinking about doing some A/B testing using those segments.

Helpful articles on how to run A/B testing within HubSpot.


Please keep in mind that you can automatically push your segments as different lists into HubSpot.


Let’s get started with the High Engagers:

The contacts presented in this segment are very engaged with your brand and will, very likely, engage with your e-mail marketing initiatives. This segment could be used to test your new messaging without burning the rest of your database.

We recommend testing your messaging with this segment first before you send out your campaign message to the other segments. So, create your first A/B testing with the High Engagers list.

We recommend waiting at least three days after you send your A/B testing. In most of the cases, 90% of the results are happening within this timeframe.

The message with the best results (highest open rate or highest clickthrough rate) should be used to send out to your other two segments (Dormant Potential and Inactive or Indecisive).

Through this methodology, you will develop more and more contacts into “High Engagers” without burning the rest of your database.