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How to push TES into HubSpot?

How to push TES into HubSpot? header article image

As a customer’s request, we implemented a functionality to transfer the TES (Thalox Engagement Score) directly into a field in HubSpot to run even more targeted campaigns and send emails with specific content based on the respective score.

Please note: Each new prediction also generates a new score per contact in HubSpot. Push the score in addition to the three segments if you wish.

First log into thalox and navigate as usual to the results of the last prediction.

Please also read the following articles if you are logging into thalox for the first time:

After you have logged in to thalox, please navigate via the menu item “Prediction” to the list of already existing results:



As soon as you click on “Open prediction” you will see the following screen when you scroll a little bit further down:



If you push the TES the first time, our system needs some additional rights in your HubSpot instance to create a new field and then push the TES.


To do this, please click the button “Reconnect HubSpot connection” in the following dialogue box:




Please note: The second time, this step is no longer necessary, and you can push the TES directly.


As soon as the field has been created successfully, you can push the TES – please click the button “Push TES”:

Push TES


After the data has been successfully transferred to HubSpot, you will receive a notification by email as usual.