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How to use thalox segments in an automated HubSpot campaign

How to use thalox segments in an automated HubSpot campaign

thalox helps businesses improve their customer engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.

The main question this article should answer is how a thalox's user could use the provided segments in an automated way without triggering the campaigns manually.

thalox provides three main static lists in HubSpot:

  • High Engagers
  • Dormant Potential
  • Inactive or Indecisive

In theory, those segments can be used in different types of automated campaigns, such as:

  • Personalized Email Campaigns (content based on list membership)
  • Customer Segmentation Campaigns
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns

To understand how to use HubSpot lists in general please read the following article from HubSpot.

We will give two examples of how you can use the segments in a HubSpot workflow.

1. Using thalox segments as a trigger to run a campaign:

One very simple step  is to use the thalox segments as a starting point of a workflow:



Go to the relevant workflow and choose the segment you want to apply. Please make sure to define the Re-Enrollment rule if you want to use this trigger whenever a new list member is added to the list.

2. Using thalox segments within a workflow to send more relevant content

Let's assume you are running a monthly newsletter but want to personalize your content more. There are different ways to do that, but we recommend using the thalox segment memberships for different “branches”. If you want, you could also start with an A/B test to the Dormant Potential in advance.

In our example in the first step of the program, we are adding all contacts which do have a Double Opt In. After that trigger step, we have a “branch” asking for membership in “High Engagers” for those who are in the segment (list) we are sending a “Feedback Email”. We are assuming that the likelihood of someone answering our questions is much higher than in the other segments. The “no” path then flows into a second branch asking for membership in the “Dormant Potential” list.



There are many other ways to use thalox segments in a workflow e.g.:

  • Updating / Enrich data based on the provided segment (update a field)
  • Updating Lifecycle Stages based on Segment Membership
  • Running A/B Tests based on segments
  • Create automated tasks for sales based on segment membership
  • Send internal communication to the owner regarding the list membership

Tips & Tricks can also be found on our YouTube channel!