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How can I change my billing details?

How can I view my invoices - Billing


Within your account’s “Billing details” section, you can view and update your credit card information. To view or modify your payment details, you must be logged in to thalox.

Please hover over the avatar to navigate to the billing details:



By choosing the “Billing” option you will get access to a dashboard that is shown in the image below.

Billing details


You can change the information in your Billing details tab, just click “Edit” and update the necessary information. After that, please click “Save”. In the case you received a Cupon Code through our promotion this is the place where to put it.

You can find the payment method below the “billing details” section. You can view all the details of your payment method like card number and status.

To change your payment method you need to click on “Edit.

You will receive an email letting you know that your payment method has been updated.