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How can I view my invoices?

How can I view my invoices - Billing

At the start of your monthly billing cycle, you’ll receive an invoice in your account. You will also receive an email with your invoice information.

Note: If your trial ends during a month we will only invoice the days left for the current month.

You can view your invoices within your thalox account. Please login and click on the billing dashboard.

After clicking on the billing dashboard you will see a window with three tabs: Invoices, Billing Details and Subscription as presented in the image below.

How can I view my invoices - tutorial


Please click on the “Invoices” tab.

By default, all invoices will display in the table with the most recent transaction at the top.

If you want to download it, please click on “Download as PDF”, a PDF of the document will open in a new tab of your browser where you can then download it. Or if you want to print it directly, please click on “Print”.

If you want to see the rest of your invoices, you will have them below the highlighted invoice. You can do the same as before, download it or print it.